Pet Payment Solutions

For Pet People and Pet Businesses

Pet People

Terrace Pets can help you:
  • Find a reputable breeder
  • Finance a pet and supplies
  • Arrange and finance pet travel
  • Finance veterinary care

Our Breeder Network

Not just dogs!

Terrace Pets manages a network of breeders of several different species.


Need help finding a reputable breeder and the right financing?
Fill out our form and the Terrace Pets Team will make it happen.

Are you a breeder?

Breeders who join our network can benefit from these referrals as well as having a convenient payment option with no merchant fees. Our lender portfolio covers pet sales in all 50 states as well as services such as concierge and veterinary services.

Pet Businesses

Terrace Pets manages a merchant network as well as a breeder network. We not only match people with breeders, but match them with suppliers and services providers they need to take care of their pets.

Have a Pet-Related Business?

As part of our 360° solution, Terrace helps businesses secure fair financing for the things they need to grow. This includes equipment financing and working capital for everything involved in buying, starting, renovating, or expanding a business or franchise. We’ve got a great range of programs through our curated lender network.

Take the Pet Pledge emblem

Terrace Pets is committed to doing right by our furry, feathery, and scaly friends by conducting business ethically. We expect all participants to take the pet pledge. We hope you’ll take the pledge too.

For Pet Owners
  • I will educate myself on pet care and training before bringing my pet home.
  • I will choose a pet I can realistically care for within my lifestyle.
  • I understand owning a pet is a long-term emotional and financial commitment.
For Breeders
  • My breeding business will uphold high standards of care and cleanliness.
  • I will not abuse or exhaust my animals.
  • My animals will receive veterinary care and will be deemed healthy before being released to a new owner.
For Lenders
  • We are knowlegeable and dedicated to providing financing to the pet industry.
  • We will abide by the regulations of each state regarding financing of animals.

Pet of the Month

Bogey is the spoiled but still loveable companion of Bob, one of our commercial sales executives and director of manufacturer partnerships. Bogey can be heard barking at delivery people in the background of company meetings. Any knock at the door can mean a special delivery of fresh organic doggie food which is very exciting. Here he is with his summer haircut. Happy Spring!