Pet Business Financing

Transactions of $500 and Up

Grow Your Pet Business with the Right Financing

Allow Terrace Pets to help you make sense of the specialized world of commercial lending. Because we are not a lender but represent 20 lenders and counting, we are able to offer a broad range of programs to a wide audience. Use the guides below to determine which features are most important to your business. The Terrace Team will work with you to match you with a lender, program, or combination of programs that meet your needs.

What do we finance? A lot!

Equipment Financing

In a hurry? Get your equipment today with this fast and flexible program with a tiered rate schedule covering a wide range of credit profiles. Instant decisions, no documents, what’s not to love?

Take advantage of the remaining value in your old equipment when it’s time to replace it. With this program you have to option of planned replacement and the advantage of lower monthly payments.

Another variation on a planned replacement program based on 10% value at lease term. Allows for lower payments than a standard lease.

A tried-and-true program that can be structured as a lease or finance agreement. Available to a wide range of credit profiles. At the end of the term, you own the equipment.

Sync your payments to the seasonal rhythm of your business. Enjoy a $100 payment when business is slow, and make up for it during your busy season.

In business under 2 years? We got you! Take advantage of this program to get the equipment you need to get your new business off the ground.

Get a head start on cash flow before full payments kick in. Sometimes you an benefit from a little boost to get up and running.

You have to spend money to make money, but not always… flip the script with this program which gives you a 6-month reprieve before regular payments kick in. This is a rare opportunity!

Working Capital

Flexible, easy to access funds to pay vendors for your large inventory orders.

Have the inventory on hand for the customer who expects to walk in and buy it today. This quick turn-around funding can be used for inventory and other capital needs such as expansion or unexpected expenses that crop up suddenly.

Obtain trusted low-cost capital for many operating costs involved in starting and growing a business. Take advantage of low rates made possible by the US government.

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